Hall of Fame Award by HP

Past winners of the CIO100 award who have shown exemplary performance and consistent growth in their company make the cut for Hall of Fame.

Sourcing Shoguns by Canon

The Sourcing Shoguns CIO 100 Special Award is designed to honor  enterprises that have demonstrated outstanding performance in utilizing third-party IT services to make business operations cost-effective and agile.

How to keep branch offices as secure as corporate HQ

Satellite worksites can end up causing big headaches for tech pros tasked with keeping company assets secure.

Tips on where to start in managing risk

You may not be able to plug up every hole, but there are ways to keep the dam from caving.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Batteries, cases, earbuds, and more

This week's roundup features a whole range of accessories—whatever you need for your iPhone or iPad might just be right here.

The Week in iOS Apps: Brown Sugar offers movie fun

This week's roundup includes a new app that lets you watch great 1970s movies like "Shaft" and "Foxy Brown," just in time for the weekend.

The evolution of Mac OS X

Apple's desktop operating system, Mac OS X, has been the staple crop for its iMacs and MacBooks. Here we go back to where it all began in 2001.

5 universal rules of threat intelligence

Threat intelligence is now available that allow companies to stay one, or even a few, steps ahead of hackers.

The future of biometrics and IoT

Biometrics can have many more applications beyond gaining entrance to a building.

What enterprises can learn in the aftermath of a phishing attack

Targeted spearphishing also leverages social engineering which includes research about targets of interest.

Why you should study security in college
An expert at Brown University provides a counterpoint to an earlier story on why you don't need to study security in college.