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Cairn India will lead the digitization curve by expedient adoption: Gomeet Pant

In this highly connected world, it is unlikely that you would get a second chance to right the wrongs, says Gomeet Pant, Lead-IT Security and Compliance, Cairn India.

US, UK, Aussie blame Russia for 2017 NotPetya attacks

After being held responsible for the attack on the Winter Olympics, Russia is under the spotlight yet again for another cyberattack.

Cyber attack hits Winter Olympics’ servers during opening night

On Sunday, Winter Olympics’ officials confirmed that their servers were hit by a cyber attack during the opening ceremony on Friday at Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Over 4,000 UK, US and Australia government sites infected by global crypto-mining malware

A malicious version of the widely used tool Browsealoud managed to infect more than 4,000 websites to mine digital currency, Monero for over four hours.

Union Budget 2018: Impressive IT investments, but no cybersecurity measures

FM Arun Jaitley may have announced substantial allocations to new technologies but without a proper cybersecurity framework, IT leaders wonder where it will lead.

New kids on the block: AR-VR, wearables and 3D printing

SMAC architecture is passé, and every sector is now headed to a time of augmented reality-virtual reality, wearables, and 3D printing

The cloud market: Who are the rulers and why?

The public cloud services market of India is predicted to cross USD 4 billion by 2020. Which cloud service providers are making all the difference?

The connected era: How the manufacturing industry will adopt and adapt to IoT

After figuring out how to network devices together and how to analyse the data streaming from them, the industry now has to focus upon how to use these two to form definite business engagements to derive profitable outcomes.

Are CIOs confident enough to adopt cloud and how can cloud service providers help?

With issues of data residency and reluctance to move away from legacy resolved, the question now arises if the average Indian CIO has enough faith in cloud service providers to store and manage critical business data seamlessly.

What does the Union Budget 2018 need to do to prioritize cybersecurity?

After a very tumultuous 2017 with breaches and attacks galore, how should the Indian government work to make our IT infra less prone to being hacked?

People, data and network are constants for modern enterprise: George Chang, Forcepoint

To understand and tackle issues of cybersecurity, enterprises must first decode the intersection of users, data and network, says George Chang, Head–APAC, Forcepoint.

Will millennials become a security threat with enterprise rapidly adopting mobile?

With most organizations adopting mobile and implementing BYOD policies, how will the entry of the device and free WiFi-loving millennial employee affect security of critical data?