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India's tryst with cryptocurrency- Explained

In this brand new show of Explained, we will explore cryptocurrency's standing in India, post Union Budget 2018 and its future. 

Vijay Shekhar Sharma - In 90 seconds

Check out our brand new series, in 90 seconds to know everything about the Paytm founder, Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

Landmark Budget IT decisions since 2014- Explained

Check out our brand new show Explained. In our first episode we talk about landmark IT budget decisions made since the reign of Modi government.

Narayana Murthy - in 90 secs

Check out our brand new series, in 90 seconds to know everything about the Infosys, Co-founder, Narayan Murthy.

Satya Nadella - in 90 secs

Welcome to our brand new series- in 90 seconds. Update yourself with everything you need to know about Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft under 90 seconds.  

Sunil Mahale, Vivek Sharma: Journey to building an enterprise cloud

Sunil Mahale, VP and MD at Nutanix India and Vivek Sharma, MD of Data Center Group at Lenovo, will talk to top IT pros at CIO100 2017 about accelerating their cloud journey. 

Sukesh Jain, Vice President, Enterprise Business at Samsung India

Sukesh Jain of Samsung India, will share insights into the next generation mobile enterprise at CIO100 2017.

Kamal Nath, CEO of Sify Technologies

Kamal Nath of Sify will address the top IT leaders of India at CIO100 2017 on cracking enterprise innovation.

Business Transformers by CtrlS

The Business Transformers CIO100 Special Award was instituted to honor enterprises that have successfully transformed their organizations' overall strategic direction by embracing emerging technologies such as social, mobile, analytics, and cloud.

Networking Pioneers by Juniper

The Networking Pioneer CIO 100 Special Award honors IT leaders for supporting their businesses in addressing challenges such as scalability and growth through their robust networking framework.

Mobility Mavens by Samsung

The Mobility Maven CIO100 Special Award is meant to reward enterprises that have successfully leveraged mobility for their business benefit.

Hall of Fame Award by HP

Past winners of the CIO100 award who have shown exemplary performance and consistent growth in their company make the cut for Hall of Fame.